Cranberry Mint Mocktail

Cranberries... are powerhouse of antioxidants.

Cranberries boost brain power, help with weight loss, and what's even more important they lower risk of urinary tract infection know as UTI.

I love cranberries, fresh, dried, or as a juice. They are so tasty and you can make perfect cocktails/mocktails like I did.

I paired up with some mint flavor, to make it more refreshing.



Fresh Mint Cranberry Mocktail🍹


1 cup cranberry juice (Sugar Free)

2 tbsp fresh mint syrup

1/4 cup sparkling water


16 cranberries

Fresh mint (to garnish)


Combine cranberry juice, mint syrup, sparkling water and stir or use cocktail shaker.

Pour in two cocktail glasses filled with ice and fresh cranberries.

Garnish with fresh mint. 🍃

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